NSW Health is committed to ensuring that doctors and other health professionals are provided with information to assist them to make informed career choices and to ensure their career plans not only fulfil their personal aspirations but also align with service needs.

With this in mind, the following medical specialty factsheets have been developed, based on extensive workforce modelling. The information includes:

  • Workforce characteristics (number of practitioners, average age and gender representation)
  • Demand (demand for training positions, retirement intentions and additional fellows needed)
  • Geographical distribution across NSW

The Medical Workforce Factsheet User Guide describes in detail the information which is provided in each of the fields in the medical specialty factsheets. The Medical Workforce Planning Overview​ provides a summary of the priority for workforce planning for each of the medical speciality factsheets.

If you have any questions or comments in relations to these resources, please email us.

Map My Health Career

Map My Health Career is a website for medical students and junior medical officers to help plan and make decisions about their medical career. Compare medical specialties, find training locations, and watch videos from specialist doctors and trainees speaking about their medical careers. Visit www.mapmycareer.health.nsw.gov.au

Map My Health Career

​More career information for medical students and junior medical officers​ can be found in HETI's The Doctor's GPS​.​​​​​

Page Updated: Thursday 5 March 2015